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  1. Verbena
    Verbena Organic verbena tea
    20 Sachets of 2g

    CHF 17.20
  2. Rooibos Tangerine
    Rooibos Tangerine Organic rooibos tea with tangerine
    20 Sachets of 3g

    CHF 17.20
  3. Piz Palü
    Piz Palü Organic Swiss herbal tea
    20 Sachets of 2g

    CHF 17.20
  4. Camomile Orange Blossoms
    Camomile Orange Blossoms Organic camomile tea with orange
    20 Sachets of 2g

    CHF 17.20
  5. Almond Oolong
    Almond Oolong Organic oolong tea with the aroma of almonds
    20 Sachets of 2,5g

    CHF 17.20


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